Gold Paper Clip Chain  is Rhodium Plated to prevent corrosion and tarnishing.  If you  take good care of your item it will last you years into the future.

Care: Clean with Jewelry Cloth. Avoid washing or rubbing the exposed surface to lengthen the life of the jewelry. Remove your rhodium plated jewelry when going for a swim, as the chlorine in the water can heavily damage the plating. Your care will have a significant bearing on the integrity of your jewelry.

Store in tarnish bag remove nightly and clean with jewelry cloth to maintain.

NACWC Paper Clip Necklace

  • Keep Jewelry Dry. Moisture, excessive water, lotions and creams can cause any metal to tarnish or degrade. Store Stainless Steel jewelry separate in the tarnish bag provided.

    Stainless Steel Tarnish Removal: Clean with Baking Soda and Water Paste Mixture

    1. Dip Wet Toothbrush into Paste
    2. Brush Jewerly
    3. Rinse and Dry with Soft Cloth
    4. Store in Tarnish Bag
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